Strange Week in Faith & Doubt

This week has been hard.  My great uncle Jerry passed on Saturday, leaving my mother with a single great aunt, after having a gaggle of them plus spouses for most of her life.  It has brought so much to front for me, like how much I still miss Jerry’s sister, my grandmother, even after 23 years (and most of my life) without her.  My grandmother wasn’t a cuddly or spoiling grandmother, others did (and do) far more hugging and kissing, but I knew she loved all of us, and we grandkids certainly got more of her attention when there were fewer of us around.  My grandfather, Poppa, outlived her by fifteen years, so though I’ve only had to live without him in my life for the past six, was far more mercurial, though mostly under the surface, and certainly more vocal in his love for each of us individually and as a group.  They both adored each other, even when they disagreed (which around politics was nearly everything).   Continue reading