Resolution Update #2

It seems fitting to post my second update on 2/2 while I ignore the rest of the world focused on the Super Bowl.

And its another update to my Bingo card.  Here goes – still treating like a dance card that needs to be completely filled (which is good – I don’t have traditional BINGO yet).

  1. A Book with More than 500 Pages
  2. A Forgotten Classic
  3. A Book that Became a Movie
  4. A Book Published This Year
  5. A Book with a Number in the Title: April 8, 1964: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Death & How It Changed America by Michael Eric Dyson (completed January 31, 2014)
  6. A Book Written By Someone Under 30
  7. A Book with Non-Human Characters
  8. A Funny Book
  9. A Book by a Female Author: Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake by Anna Quindlen (completed January 24, 2014)
  10. A Book with a Mystery
  11. A Book with a One-Word Title
  12. A Book of Short Stories
  13. Free Square
  14. A Book Set on a Different Continent — Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan (completed January 5, 2014)
  15. A Book of Non-Fiction
  16. The First Book by a Favourite Author — Killing Floor by Lee Child (completed January 6, 2014)
  17. A Book You Heard about Online: The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure
  18. A Best-Selling Book — The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (completed January 11, 2014)
  19. A Book Based on a True Story
  20. A Book at the Bottom of Your To Be Read (TBR) Pile
  21. A Book Your Friend Loves
  22. A Book that Scares You — Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (completed January 7, 2014)
  23. A Book that is More than Ten Years Old
  24. The Second Book in a Series
  25. A Book with a Blue Cover

And this means I’ve read 7 of my 75 books for the year!

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