New Year’s Resolutions 2014

So I was really sick off and on at the turn of the year.  I was also gearing up to take on a HUGE project with the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) Docent Corps, which is just now getting under way.  So finally! Here’s my New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Run a half-marathon in September.  I’ve even talked my baby brother into doing this with me.  So now to register for a 5K in early April, say a 10K in June…. This will also help with a secondary goal of catching up with my s-i-l’s miles on fitbit.  As of today, she has 644 miles, and I 303 have miles.  I plan to match her by the end of June. It will be a challenge as we both continue to accrue miles and steps, and she started 2.5 months before me (her August 18 to my November 8), but if I continue to try to walk 12,500 steps per average daily, there’s hope.
  2. Read more broadly. Or perhaps with greater randomness is the better way to put it.  I wasn’t going to give myself categories like last year, but then my friend Christa gave me a link to this Reading Bingo idea.  Love it! And just like with the state challenge, I’m sure I’ll be scrambling in November and December. I am also using the goodreads counter to try to read 75 books this year.
  3. Learn at least two CAF new tours.  Right now, I’m planning on Kenwood and Greatest Hits.  Looking forward to it!  Also try to stay sane while I lead the Technology & Communication Needs Assessment.
  4. Finish knitting (well, I need to start it too) the Irish bag with Celtic knot patterns for my mom’s 60th birthday.  It is a complicated enough stranded knitting pattern that will require solitude and concentration — I’m really looking forward to it!

Whew! I will be a busy, fun, challenging 2014! Looking forward to new adventures!


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