Early December Resolution Update

Eek, I was only panicking about finishing my gift knitting when I realized I may not have finished some other things like….

  • Resolution #2, I set goals to read 75 books, 12 non-fiction books, 12 Chicago.  I am now at 92 books, and I surpassed my 75 goal back in October.  14 books on Chicago, 29 non-fiction — I’m fairly certain that’s the most non-fiction I’ve read outside of textbooks in my life!  I have finally checked out Dennis Cremin‘s Grant Park: The Evolution of Chicago’s Front Yard – I want to be able to answer more questions about Grant Park on my Chicago Architecture Foundation tours.
  • Resolution #3, my facebook creativity challenge.  So still trying to catch up with NK to hand over her gift, MVM received her cowl (and posted a pic — just saved that to my ravlery finished projects!!), the scarflet for CD and the shawl for MR are done.  I changed my mind for CS, and made a quick spiral cowl.  The scarflet is blocked, the other two need to be blocked still.  Seeing as I haven’t caught up NK all year, if I can fit it in, I should make up a spiral cowl for CC, since she was the sixth one to chime in on the challenge.  We’ll see how the rest of my gifting knitting goes (almost done with the student workers, next up my colleagues, and then my family and friends — YIKES!)
  • Resolution #4, new knitting skills.  I cast on the double knitting cowl for JK, but I was six rows in before I mastered the technique.  I frogged it, and will cast on post-Christmas since that isn’t timely for a gift.  Then I’ll need to move on to the fair isle gift I plan to make my mother for her big 2014 birthday….

So all in all, I still have some work to do, but if I can get a handle on my gift knitting (and those books packed up for Open Books to pick up on Thursday morning), I’m in pretty good shape!

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