Resolution Update

So just a quick update as I head into 2013 Quarter 4:

  • Resolution #2, I set goals to read 75 books, 12 non-fiction books, 12 Chicago.  I am now at 70 books, which puts me 15 books or 19% of ahead of schedule.  11 books on Chicago, 14 non-fiction.  So I need to find myself one more book on Chicago, which will likely be Dennis Cremin‘s Grant Park: The Evolution of Chicago’s Front Yard — I want to be able to answer more questions about Grant Park on my Chicago Architecture Foundation tours.
  • Resolution #3, my facebook creativity challenge.  So still trying to catch up with NK to hand over her gift, MVM received her cowl, the scarflet with shawl pin for CD needs to be mailed, and the shawl for MR needs to be blocked so it will be waiting for her return from India.  I have the pattern selected for CS, which she thinks I should try to sell to others.  Ha! I wish people would be willing to pay me $150 to make shawls!
  • Resolution #4, new knitting skills.  Still hoping to cast on my double kniting project, but I have baby-related projects that are keeping me pretty busy so we’ll see if we get to that….

Moving back to more episodes of The Good Wife and the nursing shawl for a dear friend…

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