Resolution Update

So just a quick update as I head into 2013 Quarter 4:

Big plans….

The next few weeks will be crazy busy.  This week, I have training for two different new activities with the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  But first, tomorrow I am up to give a Historic Skyscraper tour — likely to be one of my last three of the year as I’m only scheduled for two more after this one.  Thursday night, I have a training session to be a Docent Interpreter for Open House Chicago, which will be held at 150 sites around Chicago October 19-20.  This year, Docent Interpreters will be at various sites downtown to help visitors better understand their visits and I’ll be at the University Club of Chicago on Sunday, October 20 from Noon-2 p.m.  On Saturday, I will bumping around Hyde Park, preparing for the Churches by Bus tour, which will have at least four busloads coming down to see five different sites.  I’m on tap for Augustana Lutheran Church, which means I need to brush up on Lutheran traditions and Modern architecture.

And next week, I need to hit up the River North Pub Crawl (I want to learn pub crawls for next year), I have a meeting for the Event & Meeting Planning Committee of the Junior League of Chicago, followed by a meeting with the Communications Committee for the Chicago Public Library Foundation Junior Board, and doing research on some ideas we discussed at this morning’s Communications Committee Meeting for the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Docent Council.  Whew, now I really am ready for bed….

Confused by cables….

So I’ve been working on the Plot Twist Shell with a beautiful Cascade Yarns Wool & Eco + in the shade of Irelande 2429, which I am hoping looks fabulous with my green-hazel eyes.  But the pattern doesn’t make sense to me all the sudden.  The math adds up for the Small and Extra Large, but I cast on as a Large so I need to make a visit into Knot Just Knits in Oak Park who published the pattern as part of the 2013 Chicago Yarn Crawl.  I just want to talk it out before I start on the cable row so I can make sure the shaping works properly in a few more inches. In the meantime, I’ve decided to cast on a new project — the Chevron Pop Shawl, the knitting pattern from nina. I’m excited to work with Classic Elite Chalet — a chainette made of 70% baby alpaca and 30% bamboo vicose with a two different shades of grey with Knitted Wit Super Wash Merino DK in Royal Blue.  YAY, more projects for myself!

Baby Blanket Cast-On

So I decided to frog the baby blanket I began for J & B’s bundle of joy.  It was a not fun decision — I was more than half of the way through the initial pattern, but I just hated it.  So I pulled out Volume 3: Lace of The Stitch Collection, and cast on 91 stitches to work up a honeycomb lace blanket out of Cascade Yarns Luna out of a beautiful butterscotch (shade 712).   My only hesitation is that I feel that the pattern won’t keep me occupied for long — I could bore quickly and easily.  But I never claimed to be a monogamous knitter — this takes me to 4, oh no 5 projects (I forgot about how I took the Creekwood shawl out of hibernation)…. Now I just need to block out M’s project so that it is waiting in Germany for her when she returns from her Asian adventure!

Needing to utilize a different part of my brain…

So I had a not-fun-date yesterday.  It wasn’t horrible, but now I’m trying to distract myself.  I’ve decided to take Jen LucasCreekwood Shawl out of hibernation by frogging it and starting over with Clue #1.  So far, so good! It is reminding me why shawls can be so addictive, which is good seeing as I hope over the next few years to make every single aunt of mine (for the dear reader who doesn’t know, that means seven maternal and six paternal aunts — can you say Roman Catholic boomer generation??).  And what a way to use up a single skein….