Grr…. Huskers, you’re killing me!

This month, moving and the inherent packing/unpacking has sucked up most of my time. So fortunately, my friend B dragged me out last night to watch my beloved University of Nebraska Cornhuskers battle it out with the University of Wyoming Cowboys.  Sadly, the contest was closer than I had hoped it would be, especially given the number of Blackshirts handed out before the game.  So onward and upward for Southern Miss next week, but really making me nervous for UCLA in two weeks. . .


September Knitting Goals: Me & Creativity

My September knitting goals are threefold: (1) find my knitting needles; (2) finish at least two more creativity challenge projects, and (3) finish at least one (maybe two — dare I be so selfish??) project for myself.  Planning to cast on the Chevron Pop Cowl from nina and the Plot Twist Shell from Knot Just Knits — both projects with yarns from the 2013 Chicago Yarn Crawl.  And hopefully I’ll know B’s baby shower date soon so I can motivate myself more deeply to address that seeing as I frogged my first attempt…

Moving Day!

Whew, my movers just left and I am beat! I still need to clear at least one car load out of my old apartment, but I think moving only two blocks has complicated things a bit as I didn’t narrow down my books sufficiently.  Oh, well, onward and upward — I’m going to unpack my kitchen now so I can eat something in the next few days….