Adventures in Knitting

So at the beginning of the year, I set myself some new knitting goals: magic loop and double knitting. I learned magic loop in a class where I made my first sock, and also learned the very important kitchener stitch. (I also learned that I don’t enjoy knitting socks and subsequently frogged the whole thing so I can use the sock yarn for a future shawl but that’s another story for another day). Since then, I have registered for two technique classes at Loopy Yarns: fair isle and steeking. This past Thursday, was my fair isle class taught by the inimitable M, who also led my sweater, cast-ons, and the sock classes (thank you M – you ROCK!)

Despite bringing the wrong size DPNs, I’m half-way through my first fair isle project, and even know how to carry floats! So yes, I’m nerdily excited to start the Celtic bag pattern that I picked out for my mother’s 60th birthday in November 2014. And even more relieved that I signed up for steeking, which while not on the bucket list for 2013, steeking will allow me to work on fair isle in the round I can only imagine trying to fair isle with purls — I never wish to attempt that! So check out my water bottle koozie- so far!



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