Sculpture in the Loop

Last night I enjoyed a stroll around the Loop with fellow Chicago Architecture Foundation Docent Gabe as he led the Sculpture in the Loop tour. A must do for anyone who wants the story behind some of our public gems, like this one by Sylvia Shaw Judson, THE SPIRIT OF ELECTRICITY.


The Knitter’s Life List

Gwen Steege has put together a fantastic, fun, expansive resource in her book, The Knitter’s Life List (Storey Publishing, 2011).  She isn’t trying to pigeonhole anyone into a specific style, technique, or mantra but a fantastic blend of inspiration.  She brings a global approach — international techniques, tips, styles, designers, fibers, tradtions — while also being global about providing inspiration. Whether beginer, advanced, lifelong, or dabbler, every knitter can find something that will help them look at their knitting in a new way with tips, tricks, and something to add to their fiber bucket list.  I’ve already added a bit of moisturizer to my needles — works like a dream in this humidity!

Adventures in Knitting

So at the beginning of the year, I set myself some new knitting goals: magic loop and double knitting. I learned magic loop in a class where I made my first sock, and also learned the very important kitchener stitch. (I also learned that I don’t enjoy knitting socks and subsequently frogged the whole thing so I can use the sock yarn for a future shawl but that’s another story for another day). Since then, I have registered for two technique classes at Loopy Yarns: fair isle and steeking. This past Thursday, was my fair isle class taught by the inimitable M, who also led my sweater, cast-ons, and the sock classes (thank you M – you ROCK!)

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Chicago & the Civil War

Chicago’s Camp Douglas served as a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War, where unfortunately, thousands of soldiers (from both sides) died of various diseases.  This blog post about preserving Civil War photos reminded me of some of my favorite cemetery tours from the Chicago Architecture Foundation: Civil War and Chicago’s Role: Rosehill Cemetery and Civil War to Civil Rights: Oak Woods Cemetery.  Continue reading

What’s Keeping Me So Busy?

The past few weeks have been particularly busy, as I started to lead groups on the Modern & Beyond Skyscraper Tour for the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  On Sunday, July 16, I gave my 8th public tour, and my plan is to have all my 13 required tours AND the rest of my training requirements no later than Friday, July 5.  At that point, I can start to give private tours too!  Which is why it is so exciting to be part of an organization that has been named the  #1 Thing to Do In Chicago by US News in 2012.  So the next time you’re in Chicago, join me or one of my fellow Docents for an opportunity to discover why design matters,  and learn a little about our fascinating history. So what’s keeping you busy this summer?


#1 Thing to Do in Chicago – US News 2012