Resolution Update. . .

As is usually the case, my ambitions are larger than my output so here’s where I’m at with my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. A pic each day — this lasted all of three nine days.  But that’s due in part to how cold our weather has been this year and that becoming a Chicago Architecture Foundation Docent Trainee has been my substitute for looking around myself more deeply.  Trust me, few buildings pass me by without at least an “I wonder if the architect/builder/designer did that on purpose?” OR “Just what the heck would you call that do-hickey?” OR “Huh, I have no idea what to call that style. I should look it up.” I have about a 10% rate on actually remembering to look it up by the time I get home.  But that’s another resolution for another year.
  2. New reading goals: I’m only aiming for 75, but thankfully Goodreads is helping me keep track. According to my account, I am off by 2 on my pace to meet my goal.  The breakdown on that goals was also to read 12 non-fiction (4), 12 Chicago (4), and 6 from my TBR/unread pile at home (0).  So, yes, the 4 that were non-fiction were also Chicago.  But I had always intended for my breakdowns to overlap.
  3. Make gifts for my peeps for the Creativity Challenge – 5 friends, 5 random gifts.  Continue reading