Celebrating Chicago: First Fridays at MCA

Today’s entry for the 175 Days to Love Chicago brings us to happy hour by highlighting First Fridays at MCA.  I am completely cracking up at the picture selected as it (a) makes me feel old that I’m not sure that one of these people are over the age of 25 and (b) the gentleman is completely unenthused about posing.  I have been to this event in the past, seen some pretty serious pick-ups, but I am now too old for the usual crowd.  Plus I’m really not that crazy about the art here at the Museum of Contemporary Art (I like modern art but the exhibit that hummed and screeched at me a while back gave me a headache and a desire to never be subjected to that kind of art EVER again).  That said, I totally dig their store! Continue reading

Celebrating Chicago: Grant Park Music Festival

Today’s entry for the 175 Days to Love Chicago celebrates the Grant Park Music Festival, whose holiday concert actually kicked off about 2.5 hours ago. Whoops, guess I missed that one.  I am so not sad about it seeing as today also matched the Chicago historical high of 102 degrees.  Here is what I did do today to celebrate Independence Day from the comfort of my own home: Continue reading

Celebrating Chicago: Independent Retailer Month

Today’s entry from175 Days to Love Chicago asks us to remember that it is Independent Retailer Month. Be on the lookout for the 175 sign in a window of participating retailers.  As a person who doesn’t think a city is a real unless it has good locally-owned restaurants, at least one (preferably more) independent bookstores, and one LYS (local yarn store) within an one hour drive, I can get behind this one.  And so I’ will compile two lists for my dear reader(s — I truly think there’s only one of you).  Those local independent outlets I adore (most are not members of the organization above though) and a wish list of my own.  So here goes: Continue reading

Celebrating Chicago: Family Fun Festival Kickoff

Okay, I’ve found more stuff to do with K & R.  Starting today, through September 2, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. EVERY DAY, there be some kind of event tied to the Family Fun Festival Kickoff in Millennium Park. Every day in the Family Fun Tent, there will be family performances and some kind of hands on activity.  Which really means we should pick a super hot day when it would be so fun to go through Crown Fountain and just hang out on the grass until our clothes dry.  Well, if the humidity allows for that.  And we’ll have to take pictures at Cloud Gate (I do love that artist and designer Anish Kapoor is completely cool with everyone calling it The Bean, or so I’ve been told on a few Chicago Architecture Foundation tours. Which totally makes sense because we do it out of affection because we really do love this piece of art).

Continue reading

Celebrating Chicago: Crowns at Goodman Theatre

Okay, I LOVE theatre.  Especially stories that completely take artistry and imagery to another level. Today’s entry for 175 Days to Love Chicago goes there — Crowns at Goodman Theatre.  I’m not going to even try to explain it further than the site:

“Regina Taylor’s gospel musical sensation, Crowns, returns to the Goodman Theatre, promising audiences a joyful good time.  When Chicago-born Yolanda is sent down South after the death of her brother, she finds strength in the tales of the wise women who surround her—and the powerful rituals connected to their dazzling hats. This jubilant musical traces the roots of Gospel through contemporary hip hop, fusing rich storytelling with abundant “hattitude” into a stirring coming-of-age tale. Crowns is a not-to-be-missed celebration of song, dance, cultural history—and glamorous headwear.” Continue reading