Celebrating Chicago: Sweet Home Chicago Sundaes

Umm, can you say YUM???? Today’s 175 Days to Love Chicago entry celebrates Sweet Home Chicago Sundaes, and gives us two days to partake — July 14 AND July 15.  This comes from Bellezza Gelato Caffe at 3637 North Harlem Ave (tagline: A beautiful taste of Italy. Okay, I’m convinced — sign me up!), where these will be the only two days that you can find ice cream on the premises, but also coincides with the July 15 observation of National Ice Cream Day (which reminds me, if you’re in northeastern Iowa, you should swing by Le Mars, Iowa, which has been named the Ice Cream Capitol of the World, as more ice cream is produced “by a single company than in any other city in the world!” Random things you know growing up in eastern Nebraska. Though I’d still rather eat Blue Bell over Blue Bunny.  Sorry, it is  a much creamier product, which I am sure is also worse for me, but so be it.)Okay, but back to the Sweet Home Chicago Sundaes bit. Here’s some of the other good points about Bellezza if you’re not an ice cream fan (weirdos):

  • Enjoy their other 24 flavors of gelato and sorbetto, homemade biscotti, cookies, cakes, and a full array of gourmet coffee beverages featuring their award-winning special house blend, and see why this beautiful Tuscan-inspired cafe was voted the “Best Gelato” and “Best Coffee Shop” in Chicago!

Oh, biscotti, how I love thee! Now, how do I convince my sister-in-law that this is necessary research and recon for summer?  You should also know that Bellezza is participating in the Taste of Chicago as well, so you can find them there as well, if you don’t want to head into their shop or just want a wider sampling of food options.  Either way, this might be a not miss for my Summer 2012 plans!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Chicago: Sweet Home Chicago Sundaes

  1. I am an ice cream fan (addict) myself. Even thought about going on the all ice cream diet. The absolute best place for ice cream in my opinion is Schoep’s in Madison, WI. If you are ever there you should give it a try. I will have to try Belleza.

    Best of luck to you!

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