Celebrating Chicago: First Fridays at MCA

Today’s entry for the 175 Days to Love Chicago brings us to happy hour by highlighting First Fridays at MCA.  I am completely cracking up at the picture selected as it (a) makes me feel old that I’m not sure that one of these people are over the age of 25 and (b) the gentleman is completely unenthused about posing.  I have been to this event in the past, seen some pretty serious pick-ups, but I am now too old for the usual crowd.  Plus I’m really not that crazy about the art here at the Museum of Contemporary Art (I like modern art but the exhibit that hummed and screeched at me a while back gave me a headache and a desire to never be subjected to that kind of art EVER again).  That said, I totally dig their store!

I’d never buy a Burger Coaster Set (but I do own Toaster Coasters, which I purchased in Hyde Park‘s What the Traveler Saw which I’ve already praised here and recently also found in the Chicago Architecture Foundation shop) but it does make me laugh. And I tend to try to think of who would appreciate things like the Glass Half Full.  And I will also drool over their jewelry selection, such as this Mutewatch (for which I would never pay those kind of prices) and the Magpie ring, which actually makes me think of To Kill a Mockingbird.  I’m also always amused by their collection of Mobiles and Stabiles, though never tempted to buy one (again, the no kids thing). Enjoy the fun!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Chicago: First Fridays at MCA

  1. Wow, that MCA event sounds really fun! I love modern art, although I’m terribly uncreative and an awful artist, I love looking at what others can do! I’m bummed to see that there are no “First Fridays” there in July, but I’m definitely going to sign up for one in August! My friend is an art teacher and I know she will love this, too!

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