Celebrating Chicago: Family Fun Festival Kickoff

Okay, I’ve found more stuff to do with K & R.  Starting today, through September 2, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. EVERY DAY, there be some kind of event tied to the Family Fun Festival Kickoff in Millennium Park. Every day in the Family Fun Tent, there will be family performances and some kind of hands on activity.  Which really means we should pick a super hot day when it would be so fun to go through Crown Fountain and just hang out on the grass until our clothes dry.  Well, if the humidity allows for that.  And we’ll have to take pictures at Cloud Gate (I do love that artist and designer Anish Kapoor is completely cool with everyone calling it The Bean, or so I’ve been told on a few Chicago Architecture Foundation tours. Which totally makes sense because we do it out of affection because we really do love this piece of art).

But this also reminds me of two things I haven’t done downtown EVER that I really should do this summer. The Summer Workouts on Saturday mornings on the Great Lawn of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park is the big one. I mean, yoga is expensive, and I have an unlimited monthly Metra pass so getting from Hyde Park to the Randolph/Millennium Station is easy.  Which brings me to Chicago SummerDance in Grant Park — another great way to get some exercise for FREE, especially because dance lessons are expensive. The program officially runs from July 11-September 16, 2012, this year there will be kick off events during Taste of Chicago, which is running a bit later than usual, from July 11-15 (which I only knew because I looked around the interwebs when I didn’t get mobbed on my way around downtown over the weekend).  And I still have to plan a movie in the park night for the College of Law with the Fun Committee. (Sigh) The work of the fun people around here never ends.


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