Celebrating Chicago: Totally Tap-ular: You know, It’s like Tap Dance to 80s Music!

Totally Tap-ular: You know, It’s like Tap Dance to 80s Music! is today’s entry in the 175 Days to Love Chicago calendar.  And the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was aerobics and Jane Fonda.  Y’know, the pre-step aerobic days of the movement (look closely — that woman has a BELT on her leotard – and the non-matching leg warmers really complete the perfect ensemble. Oh, and those overdone cheeks too — totally 80s). So anyway, this performance is brought to you by the Chicago Tap Theatre, which is a non-profit endeavor that provides story-based performances, led by the efforts and energy of Artistic Director Mark Yonally. The company boasts seven more members, which include musicians, composers, apprentices, dancers, and a rehearsal director.  So if you really can’t imaging your life without this in it (I can – I lived the 80s once thank you very much and will be happy to relive it through Brat Pack movies only and besides I’m still trying to get myself to Jerry’s for the last night of the Independent Chicago Songwriter Festival), you’ll need to head over to the Athenaeum Theatre at 2936 N Southport later tonight.  Maybe you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll tap your way home. . .


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