Celebrating Chicago: Sleep Under the Skyscrapers: Family Campout at Lincoln Park Zoo

As I continue to learn about ways to celebrate the uniqueness that is Chicago through the City‘s Office of Tourism‘s 175 Days to Love Chicago, today I am grateful for the children in my life.  I don’t have children of my own, but I am grateful that even though I don’t see K & R very often, and I’m not related to them (they are my baby brother’s niece and nephew by marriage), they let me read to them and they hug me good-bye.  And that their mom is cool enough to trust me when they get a bit older to take them to events like the one posted for today: Sleep Under the Skyscrapers: Family Campout at Lincoln Park Zoo. So very modern of us to be the family we create in our hearts, not the ones into which we are born, right?  Plus I’m more patient with sleeping in an uncomfortable position than their uncle, my lovely baby brother.

Okay, so I don’t actually like zoos all that much. I understand their role, but it makes me a bit queasy that we lock up animals, especially because usually it is our own invasive practices that have led to the extinction and near extinction of so many species.  But how is this not fun:

  • No campout would be complete without a crackling bonfire and toasty s’mores, but only the zoo offers fireside stories from animal experts. The evening winds down with a family-friendly movie and “midnight” snack.

Seriously, camping out, s’mores, stories, movies, and a late snack. K & R will love me for this! How could I not win the unofficial aunt of the year award for this one? Not to mention that means all those other adults will get a night out without them.  Though now that I think about it, I think we’ll have to do the Evening Encounter package for our own sanity — staying out until lights out will likely be enough challenge for this non-mom. I’ll be happy to forgo the midnight snack for a bit of sanity.

One thought on “Celebrating Chicago: Sleep Under the Skyscrapers: Family Campout at Lincoln Park Zoo

  1. Oh, man, this looks like so much fun! I looked up the link just to see if I missed it, and, sure enough I did! Plus, they probably would think I was creepy alone since the description says “Kids 5-12 and their families.” I’m going to borrow my cousins’ kids next year for this! They should have an adult one with booze instead of “midnight snack.”

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