Celebrating Chicago: Independent Chicago Songwriter Festival

Today’s 175 Days to Love Chicago brings us the Independent Chicago Songwriter Festival, a celebration of “some of the most diverse and creative musical voices in the region.” Wow. How cool is that? See, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so this completely impresses me — most of these people can not only carry a tune, but can also create music so powerful that they are willing to put it up for scrutiny for a competition. Publicly. And in sharing with each other their talents too I bet. In that way, I love and adore artists.  They create and collaborate, and are usually punished for their prolific talent by all too often not being able to make a living out of it.  Or at least the kind of living that allows you to actually retire or have paid vacation time or even health insurance. Risk averse me, well, I’ve got to tip my hat to them because that TERRIFIES me.  Which is odd, because I have an end of life directive to not use extraordinary means. So I guess to celebrate this great music means that I should visit Jerry’s this weekend.  Starting at 9:00 for only $7, a minimum of five artists or groups will play, each night, according to the Independent Chicago Songwriter Festival website.  And according to Jerry’s entry from earlier this week too.

(Off topic: But I do wonder if my baby brother would actually pull the plug. He’d want to honor my wishes, but I know I am one of the few people who can truly break his heart, and man, am I glad he’s married so someone else can decide when to pull his plug. Oh, I’d do it to honor his wishes, and to keep him from suffering, but it would so totally shatter my heart to do it. So maybe this means I should try to grab my baby brother to go to Jerry’s with me this weekend.  Then again, he’s more of a Guns N’ Roses fan, so this would so not be his scene.  And he just doesn’t appreciate art like I think he should — so maybe that’s I need to remind him about pulling the plug. Just think of all the times I was so judgmental. He won’t miss that part of me! Well, yeah, he would, because we have that in common as a huge character flaw.  And I don’t think this conversation would actually get him to go to Jerry’s with me this weekend either.)

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