Celebrating Chicago: Gospel Music Festival

Today’s entry is for the 175 Days to Celebrate Chicago is about the four day Gospel Music Festival, which kicked off this past Thursday at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park.  On Friday, it moved to the Chicago Cultural Center for a lunchtime performance.  Yesterday and today, it moved into Bronzeville‘s Ellis Park for nine hours each day of truly soulful gospel music.  Ellis Park is located at 37th & Cottage Grove, next to Doolittle School, and here’s the history of this just under 10 acre park came to be:

  • Ellis Park, takes its name from Samuel Ellis, who ran a tavern on 35th Street near the Vincennes Trail (now Avenue) in the 1830s. In 1855, Ellis subdivided his land holdings between 31st and 39th Streets, from Lake Michigan to South Park Boulevard (now Martin Luther King Drive), donating a wedge-shaped parcel to the city for use as a public park.

As is rarely surprising, this really underscores the commitment of private individuals and organizations to build up Chicago. And in typical Chicago fashion, he was operating a tavern, so at least many people helped support his ability to be so generous by partaking of his offerings.  I’ve never noticed this little park in my Bronzeville wanderings, so I am adding that to my post-WRD 511/post-graduate degree to do list.  Which reminds me that I need to also figure out what to do after the 175 days are over. . . I’m thinking of visiting all the Chicago Public Library branches next — that would definitely get me into various nooks and crannies of this city! Or maybe I should just tackle my knitting list. . . Or my growing to be read (TBR) list on goodreads. (Sigh) So much to do, so few hours to the day!

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