Celebrating Chicago: Chicago Sailing’s Summer Sailstice

Today’s entry for the 175 Days to Love Chicago is Chicago Sailing’s Summer Sailstice, which I have now just learned is a GLOBAL event, “celebrated on the longest sailing day of the year.” Huh, so by waiting for the weekend, does this mean that not everyone who sails is crazy rich so they understand that people have to work. Oh, wait, I think I confused sailors with yacht owners.  Yes, many yacht owners have jobs, especially if they bought said yacht at some kind of fire sale during this economic downturn.  I don’t want to ever own a yacht, but I wouldn’t mind having the means to do so.  It is always nice having options, but there are a few organizations near and dear to my heart that I would prefer to fund with lavish donations.

So seeing as I’ve never been sailing (despite living only a block from Lake Michigan and a few blocks from Jackson Harbor — I think this might mean I need to make new friends who can invite me along), I don’t know that I actually want to sail.  See, in the past couple of years I’ve started to turn into a total old lady. I think I would actually get sea sick if I went sailing — I just don’t roll with the punches as well as in the past.  And besides, I don’t swim that well — why risk it?

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