Celebrating Chicago: Get Up & Dance!

Today’s 175 Days to Love Chicago entry is  all about the Gay Pride Fest, which is celebrated today and tomorrow. I’m mostly excited about it because I’ve never been (I’ll get to the dance part in a minute).  This is the first year that I’m in town the same weekend as the Fest.  So sadly, I don’t have a lot to say about it because I’d like to experience it first.  That said, this description from the City of Chicago’s Tourism post (with the added emphasis my own) is what excites me:

  • This year’s Pride Fest showcases an eclectic lineup of arts & crafts, food and other vendors. It also features entertainment on two stages, including one dedicated to some of Chicago’s fine performers in the gay community.

And of course it does end with a parade — and who doesn’t love a parade?  Well, maybe not the ones that we have to grant to certain individuals that wear white hooded robes, but I’ll still defend their right to demand a parade route like the good libertarian that I am!

So the DANCE part! The past two days’ posts involved dance.  On Wednesday, the entry was for Bollywood Dance for All!, which was a celebration at the Lou Conte Dance Studio, to bring together Bollywood lovers and novices together to celebrate the two years that Bollywood Groove has been offering classes in Chicago.  Yesterday, the site celebrated the 14th Annual Katherine Dunham Tribute, which was celebrated at the Harold Washington Library last night.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Katherine Dunham.  In the only fine arts class I took in college, Modern Dance, we watched at least six hours of video of her work.  She was  a true pioneer that championed the study of ethnocentric dance and was not afraid to become socially active to support the causes of others.  I must admit learning that she committed herself to an interracial marriage when it could still get a couple killed and her adoption of a foster child has esteemed her even more in my eyes.  See the things I’ve learned just because I looked her up on Wikipedia?  I think I’ll dance out to the Metra station now, that’s how happy all this learning has made me. I really am a history nerd!

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