Celebrating Chicago: Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

Today’s entry for the 175 Days to Love Chicago brings us Lincoln Park‘s Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool.  It is an “officially designated National Historic Landmark,” which was designed by landscape architect Alfred Caldwell in the prairie style (huh, so yesterday was FLW, seeing some patterns here). The site was completed in 1938 and in 2001, the Chicago Park District partnered with Friends of Lincoln Park (now the Lincoln Park Conservancy) to restore the site to its former glory with modern twists. The rehabilitation efforts “included replacing non-native, invasive trees and shrubs with appropriate bird-friendly native varieties including thousands of prairie, woodland, and aquatic plants. The project also included the careful restoration of all of the site’s historic elements and the addition of accessible paths” (yay for the Americans with Disabilities Act).
I am so excited to visit this little gem in the city as I personally adore the Osaka Garden in Jackson Park as one of my favorite places to quietly read (and usually snooze a bit).  If you listen closely, you can still hear the noise of Lake Shore Drive, but I find it very easy to focus on the sounds of the moving water (a mark of a Japanese garden from what I remember is that it has a mix of moving and still waters).  I then usually stroll through the native grasses paths, which I have a new appreciation for as I spent time cleaning them up last year as a Centennial Day of Service for Junior League of Chicago.  But this new find is exciting as a place to go look for bugs and other wildlife with C & R, my sister-in-law’s niece and nephew.  Especially as they still are a bit too young to be quiet for long in the Osaka Garden and their attention span for the Museum of Science and Industry (much less the Field Museum) is only about sixty to ninety minutes!

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