When you need a little magic. . .


I had a crazy week so today was the first time I was home when my building’s office was open and able to grab my packages, which for a change I had several.  The one I was most excited about about was from my friend Sara, who makes fun and funky, and often whimsical, crafts, and I highly encourage you to check out her etsy shop.  Inspired by Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, I plan to wear it whenever I need a little magic in my life.  I’ll post the other goodies I purchased from her as I wear/use them. I am truly blessed to have such wonderfully talented and creative friends to keep me inspired!

2012 Goals

This year, I waited to post my goals.  This is in part due to wanting them to stick.  So here we go…

For reading, I am taking part in three reading challenges:

As per the usual for sanity, the first two challenges overlap with the final challenge. 

I also want to expand my knitting and crochet skills.

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