Spring cleaning . . . all of it. . . .

So I’m theoretically on a staycation yet I have committed myself to reading through my Google Reader (a full six weeks behind), updating my resume, looking for a teaching gig for the fall, meet with my retirement advisor, get my peepers checked out, set up a NALP conference call, and organizing my apartment. Oh, yeah, and I started a new part-time job this morning too. So not surprising, one of my favorite bloggers/LinkedIn experts, Lindsey Pollak, provided me the kick-in-the-pants that I needed through one of her blog postings. It was only the third thing I had read in my Google Reader! After a six week hiatus in the middle of my staycation!

What this comes down to is that I’m sometimes as bad as the overbusy students of whom she speaks. So it comes time to take stock, determine what I need/want, and how I’m going to get there. And that my friends, is why I love career advising folks. We’re practical, yet hopeful and wishful, charting paths new and old. So thanks Lindsey, I needed that kick-in-the-pants.


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