A little obsessed with Alice. . .

I used to be a horrible compulsive shopper. In the time since I’ve moved to Chicago, it has lessened because I have to be able to carry it all home. Which is why I love Alice — I want stuff delivered to me, no shopping or compulsive purchases! And I’ll be able to order toilet paper before I run out of it! As an Alice Twitter follower and blog reader, I’m hooked! I love the item pairingseven the ones I’d never use (may I never own a car every again). I’m very eager to see what eco-friendly lines they’ll be carrying. I love independent organizations, like Indigo Wild! (their laundry soap ROCKS!) and Method — especially in conjunction with my new euro cleaner which completely makes me happy to use less chemicals!

And one more reason to love the Alice blog: they do fun giveaways! Check out the latest on AquaNotes — I’ve decided I need two so that I can have a work list and an “other” list set. For example, this morning’s shower included thoughts on: Father’s Day gifts, programming ideas for work, my “to do” list (buy wedding card, new shoes and dress for wedding, and something else I’ve already forgotten).


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