Positive Addictions

My job isn’t always fun and this rough economy isn’t making it any easier. This blog post made me think about the things I wouldn’t want to give up — my faith, my loving family, my supportive friends, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, apples, and my cell phone. But are any of those positive addictions? Beyond the first two, no. So my new goal: become addicted to working out again. Or as I read in SELF magazine once, though you may not LOVE working out, LOVE the way it makes you feel.

Lessons from Obama’s Speech at ND

So lots of blogging is going on reflecting on Obama’s speech at Notre Dame. The biggest one I take from it is this: we are a diverse Church, and this provided us an opportunity to show that diversity, and our ability to be not only civil with each other but admit that we are members of a community larger than ourselves. This was confirmed by a friend who remarked that he had never realized how conservative or liberal some Catholics could be. I should invite him to my brother’s wedding — meet my family, and you’ll see that diversity pretty well amongst all sides.

Here are some other interesting takes from the blogosphere and internet articles:

See, I do read Fox News!

Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Poppers – from Doritos!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this Doritos bag hanging from the end of an aisle at the Walgreens across from work (State & Jackson, southwest corner). Okay, aren’t Doritos a late night (and other) munchie treat anyway? Much less do you really need it market what would generally be either an appetizer or snack plucked from the frozen food section — jalapeno poppers — as a new Doritos flavor? Admittedly, I’ve never been a HUGE Doritos fan, but I can only imagine what a bad idea this flavor, especially ingested as a ‘Late Night Last Call’ would be!

A little obsessed with Alice. . .

I used to be a horrible compulsive shopper. In the time since I’ve moved to Chicago, it has lessened because I have to be able to carry it all home. Which is why I love Alice — I want stuff delivered to me, no shopping or compulsive purchases! And I’ll be able to order toilet paper before I run out of it! As an Alice Twitter follower and blog reader, I’m hooked! I love the item pairingseven the ones I’d never use (may I never own a car every again). I’m very eager to see what eco-friendly lines they’ll be carrying. I love independent organizations, like Indigo Wild! (their laundry soap ROCKS!) and Method — especially in conjunction with my new euro cleaner which completely makes me happy to use less chemicals!

And one more reason to love the Alice blog: they do fun giveaways! Check out the latest on AquaNotes — I’ve decided I need two so that I can have a work list and an “other” list set. For example, this morning’s shower included thoughts on: Father’s Day gifts, programming ideas for work, my “to do” list (buy wedding card, new shoes and dress for wedding, and something else I’ve already forgotten).

This one goes out to Matty. . .

Matty, I’m sorry for using California taxpayer dollars to rant about education being a human right issue. Really, I am. But I’m wondering that EJ Dionne is right: will this Obama/ND debate will continue to motivate “moderate and liberal Catholics to fight back”? In response to some of Dionne’s rhetoric, this is an interesting view of the use of the term “the Vatican” and Pope Pius IX’s crown of thorns for Jefferson Davis. What role do we really want the Pope to play in American, or anyone else’s, national politics? Consider Senator John Danforth‘s Faith and Politics: How the “Moral Values” Debate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together and President Jimmy Carter’s Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis on these topics.

3/50 Proposition

I loved this 3/50 article from Idealist today — it talks about the importance of supporting locally-owned retail outlets. More of their funds end up back in the local economy (think of the intercorporate tax loops that President Obama has vowed to close), and we can probably all pick 3 easily. Of course, it still takes some effort to think out budgeting $150 per month at these places but maybe it just means taking a look at where you’d buy your meat or produce differently this month (my Hyde Park Produce Market here in Chicago or Just Good Meats or Stoysich in Omaha) or a new way to exercise with the family with a trip to a local farmer’s market.