Adventures in the Internets

Both personally and professionally, I’ve been experimenting with various new “internets” technology. Yes, I use plural purposefully, as I am beginning to utilize various mobile websites, my favorite being the CTA Bustracker. This led me to start following the blog, the CTA Tattler which includes news of that which has been “seen and heard on the Chicago Transit Authority.” It is a bit of fun that I love to read, as it provides glimpses into local politics, opinions, and the plain crazy things people see and do on my new hometown’s public transportation. Though my CTA Bustracker obsession is closely followed by closely followed by my love of Goodreads to remind myself of books I wanted to check out from the Chicago Public Library (seriously, so many books, so little time).

More significantly, I’ve also begun to experiment with ways to merge all my technologies together. I use my Twitter account to feed my Facebook updates which also feeds into this blog (this came in very handy when I was in Memorial Stadium this past weekend for the Red/White Spring Game). I’m perfecting my preferences for how to send tasks to my Remember the Milk account (a perpetual “to do list” and project management gem my colleague Vic shared with us at the NALP Annual Conference). For fun, I’ve added a widget that feeds news on my neighborhood from Your Street into this blog too. And I’ve begun to more aggressively use the Reader application in my gmail account to track all my RSS feeds from various blogs, but I’m still struggling with how to add Google Mobile to my phone. Ah, all in good time!

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