Vacuuming Stories

So, I’m a bit of a sucker for a good contest. Today, the Alice blog is giving us the opportunity to share our best “vacuum story.” I hate vacuuming. No, really, I’d rather scrub the floor. Oddly enough though, my vaccuum is nearly as old as I am (I am 30+) and was owned by my Aunt Angie and given to me when I was in law school and needed one for my first apartment. Since then, it has travelled to five more apartments and three more states. I’ll have to let my aunt know that it has been so well traveled and loved through the years. It has great suck-it-all up power!! But nonetheless, now that I live in such an urban city where space is certainly at a high premium, I’d love to own a Roomba and get rid of my loud, clunky vacuum.

P.S. Happy Birthday Kari! As always, great to chat with you & I am glad to hear that your boys took care of you today. For more fun, check out Alice – they’re promising to revolutionize the way we shop šŸ™‚ Even better, check out their blog, which is fun, fresh, and thought provoking!

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